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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary


Faircourt Management Ltd understands the value placed upon your personal data and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and any data we hold about you. A new EU directive replaces the former Data Protection Act with more stringent regulations. To read the full privacy policy this can be accessed in PDF format on this website at the ‘Legal Notice’ tab and sub tab ‘Privacy Policy’ [121KB]. Following is a brief outline of the main features included in the text.


  • We only collect your personal information where absolutely necessary, where you have consented to us doing so and only as much information as is needed.


  • We do not send marketing materials, nor supply your details to companies to send you marketing materials or use forensic/analytical software products using your data.



  • We may share your data with bona-fide third parties only in fulfilment of our contractual obligations or for legal or regulatory purposes.


  • We will protect your data with suitable technical and organisational measures as part of our security procedures.



  • Your data is only retained as long as required by statutory regulations.


  • Persons 16 and under and vulnerable adults data may only be processed with approval of a parent or guardian or responsible adult as appropriate.



  • You have rights of access to your personal data to verify what information we hold and to correct anything which is inaccurate to which a timely response must be given.


  • You have the right to complain if you feel the data we hold has not been correctly processed. Details may be found in the full document.


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Privacy Policy
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